HANA-CERTHans Kardol and Roland Schabram: the fun really starts when you can make improvements

SAP Software and Development Partner Excimp is a lean and mean company. Smart, efficient, flexible and service-minded. The founders are Hans Kardol and Roland Schabram. Down to earth, hard workers, loving challenges and super-efficient solutions. (Because, as they say, the fun really starts when something goes wrong and you can make improvements.)
They both have a great deal of SAP experience in operational, coordinating and management roles. They worked, for example, on the development and programming of components of the actual SAP software. Both partners are now working as problem solvers, advisors and consultants at companies processing great numbers of invoices. They still do this while working closely with SAP Walldorf. They have incorporated their know-how, experience and insights in EMMAX and other tools for the improvement of your Exception Management.

We only need five minutes to convince you

So, it goes without saying that the Excimp programs are smoothly integrated into your SAP-IS-U processes and will take them to a higher level. Exceptions will be managed so much better that you can use 25% of your back office staff for other work. The choice is yours of course, but Hans Kardol and Roland Schabram at Excimp would like to offer you the opportunity to raise your performance with the products and team at Exception Management Experts.

Use this opportunity and call us now for an appointment for a clear and convincing presentation that takes only five minutes. We won't need more than five minutes.