HANA-CERTSubstantial improvement of SAP Exception Management using EMMAX

Our EMMAX user manual is over 125 pages long, so it is impossible to tell you everything here. Obviously we would tell you everything you need to know about our High Performance Exception Management toolset and how you can turn it to your advantage. (We would be pleased to reveal all the details in a personal meeting.)

SAP is an outstanding program. It is ideal for processing hundreds of thousands or millions of invoices on time. And yet there is one part that could do a lot better: Exception Management! In our opinion and according to most wholesale users this is incomplete, rather time-consuming and very labour-intensive. It can be done a lot faster and smarter. And we make this possible with EMMAX, our High Performance Exception Management toolset.

Getting all exceptions done in one go

The key of the program is that the information from SAP is interpreted and presented in a different manner. A client's exceptions are visible in one glance, and are automatically linked to the customer number and address information. If you know SAP and work with it, this last sentence will bring you a big sigh of relief. Those exceptions can now be adjusted and completed directly at client level. This will hugely accelerate your completion time. And that means happy clients, but also a back office that can be 15-25% smaller. How does that sound?

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