Exception Handling Magic


EMMAX THE SAP Certified Exception Handling Add-On for SAP IS-U

EMMAX handles exceptions in the SAP IS-U processes.
EMMAX is based on the standard SAP BPEM/EMMA functionality and adds:

  • Work management
  • Relevant (customer related) information views
  • Autoclosure of obsolete exception cases
  • Predefined solutions
  • Late and unbilled contract detection

The below video below provides a high level overview on the basic EMMAX functions. 

Coevorden May 15, 2024


EMMAX again successfully passed the SAP Certification process without any need for code change.

Check the SAP Certified Solutions Directory.

EMMAX is now certified by SAP for use on the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition.



EMMAX Release 5.5 is now available containing some nice new PAM functions.

As you now from us, all Packages, installation guides, release notes, and the EMMAX Manual are available for customer download in the download section. 



EMMAX 5.4 has been released and ready for SAP S/4Hana.

Customers can be assured EMMAX is running on all available SAP on-premise releases.



EMMAX Release 5.0 Available and Certified by SAP

EMMAX 5.0 has been certified by SAP for S4/HANA and added to the SAP CERTIFIED SOLUTIONS DIRECTORY here.

Excimp is proud the EMMAX products have again passed SAP's certification process for the latest S4/HANA 2020 systems without any issue. Customers can be assured EMMAX is running on all available SAP on-premise releases.

Coevorden, September 2020

EMMAX In the SAP App Center

EMMAX has been approved by SAP and added to the SAP App Center. 

Another proof of the high quality of the EMMAX product.

New customers can now get access to EMMAX through SAP and from the SAP App Center.

Excimp provides matching pricing fitting the specific customer situation to make sure the ROI stays well within 12 Months after go-live.

Coevorden, January 2020

EMMAX 4.5 SAP Certified

Today we received another SAP Certification for our EMMAX Add-On for SAP Netweaver.

Later this year the EMMAX HANA Certification shall be renewed.

EMMAX is SAP Certified for all SAP Basis Releases since 2012 and supported in the SAP Support Infrastructure (SAP OSS) since 2013.

This certifies a risk free implementation, use and upgrade of the EMMAX functionality in any SAP IS-U system.