Exception Handling Magic


Exception Handling Magic
EMMAX is the only fully integrated, modification free SAP Certified exception handling add-on for SAP Industry Solutions.
All based on standard SAP and supported by Excimp through the standard SAP Support Infrastructure (OSS).
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EMMAX Main Characteristics


  • Customer View
  • Cost Reduction
  • Proactive
  • Actuals only
  • Efficient
  • Late Bill Prevention
  • Predefined Solutions
  • Easy Customizing
  • Flexible Views
  • Great support
  • Well Documented
EMMAX provides a customer (or account) view of all exceptions related to that customer (or account).
The focus can be called from anywhere in SAP IS-U.
EMMAX is focussed on getting the cusomer billed in time and NOT on individual exceptions.
EMMAX not only reduces the number of mouse clicks but also the number of cases. Using EMMAX also improves the master data. This means a significant reduction of the back-office staff. Less exception also caters for less complaints, more happy customers and a far better customer retention rate.
EMMAX Work assignment and distribution allows to work today's work today. This means that backlogs are not created and if a backlog already exists when EMMAX is implemented, it will be reduced when this approach is chosen.
EMMAX COCO automatically closes cases as soon as the exception is resolved. EMMAX CARA prevents cases from being closed without the exception being resolved. This means agents only work on actual cases and don't waste time on cases that are already resolved.
EMMAX is very efficient, based on BPEM, the standard SAP approach for exception handling in SAP IS-U. It adds all the missing components and functionality to enable a quick, consistent and easy to learn exception handling.
With EMMAX/PAM it becomes clear in time that a customer will be late billed. This gives the agents enough time to get the bill send out in time.
EMMAX/BORIS is a library with way over 100 predefined,tested and well documented solution steps. The steps are designed for easy reuse in the case category configuration.
EMMAX is known for its short implementation time. Complete implementations have been performed in 2 weeks from installation to go-live. Customizing aids like Drag & Drop,  predefined views including tailored solution steps help speed up adjusting EMMAX to the customer's needs. No need to configure the obvious steps. All delivered functions are ready to use, tested and well documented.
In EMMAX BPEM Cases contain views tailored to the exception allowing agents to quickly judge the exception and decide the solution required. These views already contain most of the solution steps out of the box without any customizing required. A case's look and feel is adjusted and look completely different based on the job on hand. This makes it easy for the agents to resolve the exceptions.
This picture is not really from our support desk because we do not have one. We do not need one. Since EMMAX is supported through the SAP Support Infrastructure, we have exact data about our EMMAX incidents and response times. Real incidents related to published releases appear less than 2 per Month. All of them are resolved within 2 days, and most of them same day. Many incidents could be resolved by providing the page number in the EMMAX Manual where the situation is described.
The EMMAX Manual contains a structured description of all functionality in more than 300 pages. The manual is handed over in PDF format and can be downloaded by our customers from the download pages.
It is also available on Amazon, click here for more info.



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